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Contextual advertising (or Pay-per-click) is a type of online marketing that allows you to display your advertisements in response to users' search queries in various search engines and on partner sites of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. About 65% of users who are willing to make a purchase click on the ads. This type of digital marketing can boost sales quickly and beat the competitors off in organic search results. The launch of contextual advertising does not require long preparation and shows the results almost immediately, which is the main advantage over SEO optimisation.

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Launching of PPC promotion campaigns takes from 2-3 days up to several weeks (depending on the site, the range of products, the goals and objectives of the project), after which the adverts appear in the search results and receive the maximum number of clicks on the website from the target audience.

Top DMA marketing agency will help you set up PPC campaigns and take your business to the next level.


Types of contextual advertising:

  1. Paid search marketing. You can use it to display advertisements above or below the search results (depending on the ad's rating). The main factor affecting the display of adverts is the relevance of the keywords of the ads to the search queries of users. The higher it is, the higher is the probability that the client will see it. Properly launched search adverts will be shown to the audience interested in the promoted product or service. The budget is spent only on potential customers because the payment is charged at the moment when the user clicks on the ad and goes to the site. To fight off your competitors, you can use your USP (Unique selling proposition) in the text block of an ad, and in this way, you will attract a wider audience.
  2. Display advertising. It allows you to promote images of your product or service on partner sites of search engines. This type of PPC will enable you to introduce a new product or service to the market, increase brand awareness and maintain customer loyalty. You may be charged per click on an advertisement or per view of your adverts. The main advantage of display advertising is a more precise focus on the target audience. Thematic advertising is another kind of PPC. It helps to select websites for displaying advertisements in accordance with the desired topic. Using it, you can attract visitors when they are on a site with products or services similar to yours, so you can offer them a more profitable option in your advertisements.
  3. Shopping ads (Google Shopping). A type of digital marketing in Google Ads. Adverts of this type can be displayed above or next to search results on partner sites, Google Images, YouTube, and Gmail. They usually consist of an image of the product, its name, price, and the name of the online store. Such adverts immediately attract the user's attention due to the product image.
  4. Remarketing. It enables you to show your advertisements to the users who have already interacted with your website. It is one of the most conversion types of PPC marketing as it allows reaching a warm audience that is already familiar with your brand. The data of such an audience can be used for the search, display advertising, as well as in product ads. Remarketing allows you to bring users back to your site and motivate them to complete the order. It also helps to promote additional goods or services to customers who have already purchased your product before.

What problems can be solved with the help of PPC setup?

  • attraction of the conversion traffic to the site;
  • improvement of the conversion rate;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • increasing brand loyalty;
  • returning users who have already visited your website before.


What we offer:

  1. Analysis of competitors, identification of their strengths and weakness;
  2. Collecting a commercial semantic core that will allow you to attract potential buyers to your page;
  3. Building up a development strategy;
  4. Creating a media plan;
  5. Creating highly clickable advertisements that lead users to the web page;
  6. Regular monitoring and optimisation of promotion campaigns, updating the ad text, adding new conversion keywords that are used when clients search for your products or services;
  7. Detailed assessment and report on advertising campaigns to define possible ways to develop and boost sales.


Order PPC services now, and the Top DMA team will help you to realise your business goals.

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