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Website development is a package of works that allows you to expand the boundaries of your business. The creation of a web page attracts new customers, raising the demand for your products or services. In addition, brand awareness or popularity of the company as a whole increases significantly. 

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Our website development company Top DMA provides a full range of website development services. Starting with the idea, we build up an algorithm of work and create a promotion strategy step by step.

The high-quality performance of tasks allows you to cover expenses as quickly as possible by attracting new customers from the Internet. And therefore, your site becomes a profitable investment, constantly paying multiple dividends.

The main priorities of Top DMA are aimed at providing the highest product quality and maximum efficiency. Transparency of the work, constant reporting and clearly drawn up Software Requirement Specifications will not give you any “blank spots” either in terms of budget or deadlines. After analysing the sphere of your business, we will select the best option for your online resource.


Our specialisation:

  • Landing page - it is an ideal solution for brand development or selling one particular product.
  • Business card website is a one-page presentation for people who have already realised that the future of business is on the Internet.
  • Corporate site. It is a multipage site for a company that wants to highlight its status and introduce its services to potential customers.
  • Online catalogue is a multipage website that advertises certain products or services; its purpose is to sell via a call or with the help of a direct order.
  • Online store is a virtual shopping centre created according to all the laws of marketing, involvement and SEO. The user will not be able to leave this marketplace without buying.
  • Conceptual project implies the creation of virtual trading platforms, communication platforms, implementation of startups.



SEO services on the site start at the stage of creating a prototype, allowing you to avoid additional visual changes to the website after the design is approved. Due to our effective SEO strategy, your project will occupy a high position in search engines.

Except for developing from scratch, we provide a wide range of services for modifying and supporting current projects, adapting projects for both mobile devices and wide-screen monitors, redesigning, finalising and repairing after unprofessional developers. We work even with “abandoned” projects and help the customer break the deadlock if the site is not ready and the budget has already been depleted.

Such professional approach and passion for work form not just a company but a team of like-minded people! Constantly developing ourselves and keeping track of innovations in web development and promotion, we occupy the advanced position in the use of technologies. Our clients’ projects are characterised by a high level of audience involvement, skilful use of marketing triggers, refined design, and high loading speed.

And also, thanks to a flexible pricing policy, we are ready to offer you the most profitable solutions within your budget.


Stages of work on the project:

  1. Discussion of the goals and objectives of your order.
  2. Development of the site architecture - prototyping of pages with a conditional arrangement of elements.
  3. UI / UX design using marketing triggers and engagement techniques.
  4. Website coding of the visual part of the layout.
  5. Programming - depending on the type and functionality of the site, we perform integration with a suitable CMS, or create a custom software solution.
  6. Designing of the semantic core.
  7. Filling the site with the content.
  8. Hosting - includes buying a domain and hosting (hosting a website).
  9. Internal and external SEO services.
  10. Increasing business revenue.




Top DMA is available 24/7. We do not turn off our phones, our Internet connection is always stable, and we are always happy to help you with any questions.

Choosing us, you choose the quality at a pleasant price and effective solutions for your business. We never make false predictions. The work is performed on the basis of a contract, and therefore, our team is fully responsible for its actions.

After implementing the project, we provide additional support services to help you manage the web page, track statistics, and work with analytics tools.

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