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Stages of website development

We follow a well-structured strategy and successive set of actions that help us to get the best possible results


Our team conducts primary briefings to identify client’s needs. Then we conduct in-depth market research and analysis.


Our manager estimates the cost of your project and agrees on it with you. Afterwards, the team outlines the plan of works.


Our designers create the prototype for your project, taking into account the latest marketing trends and your business needs.


Developers start building the entire system by writing code using the chosen programming language, techniques, and methodologies.


Our QA will test all elements of the site and their functionality in order to detect existing drawbacks and fix them immediately.

Public release

We launch the public version of the site and perform the final checks and adjustments to make sure that everything operates correctly.

Creating a web resource is a complex, time-consuming, and rather a long process that is performed in several stages. Going through these stages, the client's idea turns into a modern user-friendly website or online store.

If you want to get a technically perfect and functional website, it is necessary to entrust its development to professionals who have a strong portfolio of successful projects of this kind.

Top DMA provides a full range of services in the field of web development, technical support, and web design. Considerable experience and deep knowledge of the specifics of the web development process enable us to offer individual solutions for various web projects. We know how to develop a web resource that will be strikingly different from competitors' ones. Your site will drive profit, satisfy individual requests and needs. We are convinced that there are no unsolvable tasks, and in any situation, we will find optimal ways to achieve your marketing goal!

Remember that by ordering a website at Top DMA, you are investing in the development of your company!

Key services of Top DMA

Thanks to highly qualified employees, the potential of our agency includes a fairly wide range of services. We create web projects for a variety of business tasks:

  • landing pages (single-page website)
  • online stores
  • corporate websites
  • blogs
  • portfolio websites
  • custom solutions

We practice an individual approach to each client and carry out various types of work: from website design and publishing of information in certain thematic catalogs to the promotion of sites in search engines, setting of contextual advertising, and rating support in social networks.

Main stages of work

The development process goes through several successive stages:

  1. Briefing is a full-scale introduction to the sphere of your business activity (for example, analysis of the concept, setting tasks, and defining goals). Based on a thorough interview, our specialists will outline the priority functions and modules of your project in order to successfully develop and present it to your potential clients.
  2. Market niche analysis, means identification of the main competitors and their marketing strategies.
  3. Prototyping. At this stage, the procedure for developing technical documentation for your site and a prototype is carried out. We outline a set of tasks and the contact points between the user and the content. At the design stage, the greatest number of adjustments are made. Therefore, constant cooperation with you is mandatory! The prototype enables you to see what your site will be like even before the development of its visual design.
  4. Web design. At this stage, the entire design of the site is being made. We create stylish, modern, and user-friendly web resources.
  5. Programming of all block parts (programming coding), creation of dynamic and visual components, adaptive version. The specified stage of site development may imply several scenarios. For example, developers can choose a ready-made CMS solution and customize existing templates, or developers can write program code for the site themselves (the second option would take a lot longer, although in the future there will be more performance capabilities in terms of extending, integration, and making modifications to the available functionality).
  6. QA Testing of the functionality and content of the website. This process of website development implies a set of actions to check the productivity and correctness of the created solution. In this way, the testing mechanism makes it possible to detect serious errors in the performance of the website to improve the quality of its work.
  7. Carrying out work on configuring the adaptability of a web resource. At this stage, a multiplatform version of a typical site is being worked out. It must be fixed what elements should be in the mobile version, what should be on a tablet or PC.
  8. Release and promotion. We will optionally work with the content, depending on your requests and wishes. In the process of creating a website, its text content is being developed and optimized for search engines.
  9. Technical support means advice on site administration and maintenance.
  10. Monitoring. At this stage, developers collect and analyze data about the site and identify drawbacks that require improvement.
  11. Improvement. If necessary, web developers fix the code and functionality of the site.

It should be noted that all stages of work are carried out by highly qualified specialists: project manager, designer, back-end developer, front-end developer, copywriter, content manager, SEO specialist, SMM specialists, and contextual advertising specialists.

Advantages of professional website development with Top DMA

  1. Focusing on the target audience. Our qualified team will develop a website taking into account your target audience and its needs.
  2. Adaptive web design. The web developers of Top DMA create an adaptive website for various platforms, devices, and browsers.
  3. Individual solutions. Professional web designers of our studio are working on an individual, stylish, modern, and attractive design of your website, which will undoubtedly follow all trends and comply with the needs of your business activity.
  4. Development of technical requirements. Surely, it is unacceptable to build a house without having a plan and drafts. Respectively, it is not possible to develop a high-quality and convenient web resource without technical requirements. Our specialists develop technical specifications individually for all projects we work with.
  5. Convenient search. Our team makes sure that navigation on your site is extremely convenient for all users and the necessary information can be received in a maximum of 3-4 clicks.

The final price of our website development services depends on the complexity of the site and its type.

Do you still have any questions? Do you want to get the estimation of your project development? Ask all of your questions to the manager of the Top DMA company!