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Audit services

Our specialist will perform a detailed audit of your PPC account and detect areas that require improvement

Google ADS

Google Ads is one of the best-paid search platforms to get more leads with your advertising campaigns.

Google Merchant

We will help your company reach millions of potential customers and increase brand awareness with this platform.

Google Analytics

A set of measures on accessing the service, setting up the key parameters and tracking goals in Google Analytics on your website or application.

Bing ADS

We offer an alternative to common search engines - Bing. If you run PPC advertising through Bing, your ads are also shown on Yahoo and Microsoft Network Partners.


Amazon sponsored adverts are displayed where potential clients will see them - first pages of search results and product pages. It will ensure a high ROI for you.


What can I expect from PPC ads?

Top DMA will help your business choose the right advertising platform, define your specific target audience, and set up income-generating campaigns.

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Advantages of cooperation with us

Top DMA guarantees the highest quality of services, professional support, and efficient solutions created specifically for the needs and peculiarities of your business.

Guaranteed results

Due to our extensive expertise in digital marketing, we never make empty promises.

  • After a thorough evaluation of the project, our marketing specialists are able to forecast the actual results of the promotion campaigns.
  • We sign a contract with our clients on our services, stating the costs, duration, and expected project results.


To achieve a steady development pace, we constantly supervise the performance of advertising campaigns.

  • Constant monitoring helps us notice any decline in ads performing connected with seasonality and offers of competitors.
  • We daily improve your ads to get a better value for money.


To be ahead of competitors, we are constantly testing new marketing platforms, channels of Google advertising.

  • We sufficiently increase your CTR through the steady improvement of your ads.
  • It enables us to improve the CAC ratio, and therefore, generate a strong ROI.
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increase due to highly targeted ads

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in 3 months after setting up campaigns

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attracted to the company’s site

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that got positive results within a month


Results of our cooperation

Top DMA experts will improve your online presence by providing custom solutions for your company based on the deep marketing research

High-quality leads generation
Growth in sales of products and services
Reduced promotion campaigns costs
Increase in service/brand awareness
Discovery of new marketing channels
Driving more organic traffic

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With the help of PPC advertising, you can increase your sale fast. We will set up effective promotion campaigns for you. Just answer a few questions to get the best offer.

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Stages of our work on the project

We follow a well-structured strategy and successive set of actions that help us to get the best possible results


We hold a briefing to identify your business problems so that we can build a proper strategy for your PPC promotion campaigns.


We perform a marketing audit of your business, study your business niche, and analyse your competitors’ advertising campaigns and USP.


Our marketers develop effective business strategies, plan all stages of future work, prepare technical tasks, collect semantic kernel.

Ads creation

We create advertisements based on the keywords and search results to capture more attention from the users.


Our specialists set up advertising campaigns in the marketing channels - Google, Yandex.


We perform permanent monitoring of the running campaigns, including targeted traffic, advertising rate, cost per click, and overall quality of advertising.

Contextual advertising (PPC) is a type of advertising shown only to a particular audience when a specific search query is entered. For example, you search Google for "plastic steel windows in Kyiv," and immediately under the search bar, you see offers from companies engaged in the production and installation of windows. When ordering contextual advertising, your audience will see only relevant offers. It allows rational usage of the advertising budget and receiving more orders.

In this article, we will analyze the main advantages of contextual advertising for business and where you can order this service.

Advantages of launching PPC campaigns

Professional setting up contextual advertising on Google or in another search network has the following number of advantages for business:

  • Suitable for all business niches. Product ads can be created for any group of products and services, including complex B2B products.
  • Reaching the target audience. Ads will be seen only by those users who are interested in buying certain products. But at the same time, it is important to choose the right semantics — a list of keywords.
  • Cost-effective payment system. PPC means a pay-per-click ad. That is if the user clicked on the ad and followed the ad leading to the product page, only in this case you have to pay for the services. And if the user did not click on the ad, the payment is not charged. You don't need to spend all your budget on advertising or on a certain number of ads displayed.
  • The ability to change the settings of product ads if necessary. You can edit the ad text and keywords at any time and change the cost-per-click rate. The flexibility of setting up the PPC allows you to rationally spend the advertising budget and get more customers.
  • Obtaining statistics of the advertising campaign. Using the tools offered by search advertising networks, you can track the effectiveness of product ads: the budget spent, the number of clicks, and keyword ranking statistics. A specialist who is engaged in setting up contextual advertising will be able to provide you with a full report.

Setting of contextual advertising on Google Adwords or Yandex.Direct allows you to attract only the target audience initially interested in your company's products. The main thing is to set it up correctly in order to attract more potential consumers. Therefore, it is recommended to entrust this process to professionals.

Where can I order contextual advertising services?

You can order the services of setting up and running a contextual advertising campaign at the Top DMA agency. Our PPC specialists can set up product ads not only in popular search engines — like Google or Yandex, but also in Bing, Yahoo, Microsoft Network Partners and Amazon.

When ordering the PPC service, our specialist will first conduct an audit of the business and the advertising account in order to understand the current state of things, and outline the promotion strategy. Then the priority advertising networks for a particular project are determined to get more profit and correctly distribute the advertising budget. Alongside with that, a list of relevant keywords is selected by which the audience searches for the company's products in search engines. Then the product ad itself is created, and statistics on the advertising campaign are tracked.

You can order a consultation on the Top DMA website. Our manager will tell you more about the price of contextual advertising services, the setup process, and other details. You will be able to ask all your questions and get full information.

Advantages of cooperation with Top DMA

Our company offers turnkey services of setting up PPC promotion in Yandex. Direct, ⁣ as well as in other search engines, including Amazon. That is, our clients get the maximum reach of the target audience on various platforms. The company's specialists bring only high-quality and targeted leads, increase brand awareness among customers in the market, as well as conduct remarketing and ensure a significant increase in conversion.

In addition, in cooperation with Top DMA, you get:

  1. Guarantees of the result. PPC specialists of our company do not make empty promises — any forecasts are based on the relevant experience of previous campaigns. When signing a contract with a client, the exact cost of the services provided is indicated, which remains unchanged.
  2. Campaign monitoring and reporting. After setting up product ads, the specialist's work does not end. We constantly monitor the results, if necessary, and adjust keywords, bid price, or advertising text to achieve the best results. Throughout the campaign, the client receives detailed reports.
  3. Constant testing of new tools. To help our clients make more profit, we are constantly exploring new channels and marketing tools for advertising networks. It allows you to eventually bypass competitors and attract more buyers.

So, if you are interested in getting more customers from search engines, ordering PPC promotion will be a rational budget investment. Firstly, only the target audience will see product ads. Secondly, it allows a profitable payment system – for each click, not for impressions or placement. Thirdly, PPC advertising allows you to reach a wider audience and increase the company's profit. And it is better to entrust the setup and management of the campaign to professionals from Top DMA.