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Audit services

We will perform the evaluation of your activity on social media, analyse your business strategy, perform market research.


Our specialists will develop an effective promotion strategy for your brand, set up Facebook advertising, implement a content strategy.


We create and promote unique text and video content to increase your brand awareness and build customer loyalty through paid promotion.


We will make a professional presentation of your company on LinkedIn by creating a business account, filling it with content, and set up promotion campaigns.


Our specialists will help develop your YouTube channel by building up your specific image, promoting your videos, and driving more traffic.


Our team will create unique video, photo, and text content. We will promote your company with the help of carefully selected keywords.


Why does my company need SMM services?

Top DMA will boost engagement on social media. We will launch a profit-making advertising campaign, increase your brand awareness, drive the target audience to your profile, form a base of loyal customers.

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Advantages of cooperation with us

Top DMA guarantees the highest quality of services, professional support, and efficient solutions created specifically for the needs and peculiarities of your business.

Strategic Approach

We always follow a well-structured set of actions, and it enables us to use your marketing budget smartly, without wasting it on poorly targeted ads.

  • We meticulously study your target audience and your business niche, estimate what can be done to reach your marketing goals.
  • By prioritising and optimising our workflow, we are able to reach a high ROI in the shortest possible time.


We value openness in our work, so we are always ready to answer all questions and discuss everything with our clients.

  • Our clients get detailed reports at the end of each specified period. It helps to understand how to use funds and prioritise investments.
  • We give our clients full access to their ad accounts, so they can see how the budget is spent.

Customer Focus

We practice the focus on customer approach. It means that we make up specific strategies based on your business needs.

  • Our specialists implement only tailor-made solutions after the detailed audit of your business and the situation on the market.
  • We will make online presence of your business on the social media appealing to your target audience, and in this way, we will drive more revenue.
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due to highly-targeted SMM campaigns

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increase as a result of smart promotion

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took action after seeing ads

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become regular customers


Results of our cooperation

Top DMA experts will improve your online presence by providing custom solutions for your company based on the deep marketing research

Highly targeted audience
Increased profit margin
Improved customer trust
Total brand control
Communication with target audience
Better audience engagement

Free consultation!

Leave a request and our manager will conduct a detailed consultation.


Does your company have accounts on social media?

Nowadays, it is impossible to promote your brand or service without a presence on social media. We will create an attractive image for your company and increase your revenue. Answer a few questions to identify your goals.

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Stages of our work on the project

We follow a well-structured strategy and successive set of actions that help us to get the best possible results


We hold a briefing to identify your business problems so that we can build a proper SMM strategy for your promotion campaigns and your company as a whole.


We conduct market research, carefully analyse your competitors, and identify the needs and requirements of your business.


Our SMM specialists make effective business strategies, outline possible solutions for improving your brand image, plan all stages of future work.

Content creation

We create visual and text content both for your SMM advertising campaigns and your company as a whole.


Our specialists set up advertising campaigns in the selected marketing channels based on your business’ needs and goals.


We constantly monitor the running ads, improve them, and make additional adjustments to reach more target audiences and drive maximum revenue.

SMM-business promotion is a modern, complex marketing service that includes the designing, administering, and promoting a brand, website, or service using business pages on social networks (for example, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), aimed at attracting potential customers and improving sales. Undoubtedly, SMM promotion is the most powerful and convenient tool for innovative business development.

What tasks does Social Media Marketing solve?

Professionally carried out SMM promotion has many advantages that will eventually lead to a rapid boost in sales, and as a result, to an increase in profit. Full-cycle professional digital agency Top DMA will assist you in achieving your business goals with the help of SMM promotion:

  • bring new products or services to market;
  • track the needs, tastes, and interests of customers, understand how users interact with your brand
  • work with negative reviews and demonstrate positive comments that will increase consumer trust in your company;
  • create a permanent channel of communication with an active and engaged audience (not just to inform customers about promotions, new products, or news, but to interact with them and promptly respond to requests and reviews);
  • increase the awareness of the company or brand;
  • increase the targeted traffic to the promoted resource;
  • improve the audience loyalty to products or services;
  • encourage sales on the website, offline, or directly on social networks;
  • enlarge the customer base;
  • taking into account fair criticism — to improve your product or service;
  • create a positive image of the company;
  • increase the return on investment.

Professional services for the implementation of business promotion in social networks from Top DMA

Do you have a company but have no time to promote it on social networks? Top DMA agency will do this work for you. We will take your business company to a new level with the help of social networks.

Why should I choose Social Media Marketing from Top DMA?

  • a team of certified experts is working on the customer's project;
  • the company provides a full range of services;
  • agency employees have experience working with different niches in the field of business;
  • an individual approach to creating an efficient SMM strategy;
  • the company offers comprehensive digital solutions to your tasks;
  • in the course of work, specialists use their own effective technologies and methods of audience search in social networks;
  • providing analytical and statistical reports on the achieved KPIs for each stage of the work carried out, which can be checked and evaluated.

Stages of SMM promotion

For effective SMM promotion, we go together with you through the following stages:

  1. Answering the question of a brief.
  2. Getting to know the specifics of your business.
  3. Defining the role and tasks of promoting your business that can be solved with the help of social networks.
  4. The signing of the contract.
  5. A detailed analysis of the interests of the target audience.
  6. Deep analysis of the competitors, outlining the competitive advantages of your business.
  7. Development and implementation of a detailed strategy for promoting your business, taking into account its goals, values, and features.
  8. Identification of particularly profitable sites.
  9. Creation of the account name and bio.
  10. Creating/optimizing community pages. Preparation of a content plan.
  11. Writing texts for posts by a copywriter following the technical requirements of the project.
  12. Working with the audience. Administration of community.
  13. Selection of methods and tools, as well as setting up and placing contextual and targeted advertising campaigns. Interaction with opinion leaders and work with feedback.
  14. Tracking analytics, adjusting promotion strategies, and making improvements to the advertising campaign.
  15. Support and reporting.

What do we offer?

  • a well-thought-out strategy for promoting your brand or service on social networks;
  • interesting, thoughtful text content;
  • bright, branded design of posts and stories.

The cost of professional SMM services

The price of the SMM promotion service on social networking sites depends on numerous aspects, in particular, on the number of tasks performed and the features of the services. During an individual discussion of the process of promoting your company on social networks, we will clarify with you various details of the business project and offer the best solution for a reasonable price.

Do you want to get more information about the service? Then just order the “callback” service, and our customer service manager will contact you shortly.

To receive a marketing proposal to promote a business project on social media, please send a request here and fill out this form. We guarantee the confidentiality of the information you provided!