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Local SEO

Our SEO services imply the increase in quality and quantity of organic traffic to the site through promotion in the local ranking on Google.


We will perform a set of actions on internal and external optimization for increasing rankings in the search results of Google.


Our team will improve your position in the Bing search results and guarantee the maximum possible flow of regular and potential visitors.


Why does my company need SEO?

SEO is essential when your business requires better ranking and visibility in search engines. Top DMA will create an efficient long-term SEO strategy for your website that will help to drive revenue within weeks.

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Advantages of cooperation with us

Top DMA guarantees the highest quality of services, professional support, and efficient solutions created specifically for the needs and peculiarities of your business.

Special conditions

A Business can not stand template solutions when it comes to making a profit. That’s why we discuss each project individually.

  • We don’t have standard packages. Depending on your requirements, we will select the services your company really needs.
  • We will form an expert team for your project from our in-house specialists.


Our team has diverse competencies, resources, and strong technical expertise. All this enables us to coordinate and perform the scope of works in a great variety of areas.

  • Each member of our team has at least 5+ years of niche experience.
  • We are constantly upgrading our skills by taking specialized courses and educating ourselves.

Deep marketing research

We can boost your ranking for specific search terms. To do this, our specialists will deeply analyse your business niche and the latest marketing trends.

  • Our team will conduct comprehensive keyword research to form the semantic kernel specific for your website, taking into account marketing trends.
  • We apply the proven best practices and latest methodologies while working on your project.
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Results of our cooperation

Top DMA experts will improve your online presence by providing custom solutions for your company based on the deep marketing research

Effective budget distribution
Improving your rates in search engine results
Flexible customized strategy
Trackable results
Improved conversion rate
High targeted traffic

Free consultation!

Leave a request and our manager will conduct a detailed consultation.


Do you need an efficient SEO strategy?

Our efficient SEO services will help your website reach the first pages in the search results, bring more organic traffic, and increase revenue. Answer a few questions, and our manager will get back to you promptly to conduct a detailed consultation.

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Stages of our work on the project

We follow a well-structured strategy and successive set of actions that help us to get the best possible results


We hold a briefing to identify your business problems so that we can build a proper strategy for your SEO promotion campaigns.

SEO audit

We perform an SEO audit of your website, study your business niche, and brainstorm solutions.


Our SEO specialists develop effective strategies of website promotion, plan all stages of future work, prepare technical tasks, collect semantic kernel.


We implement every aspect of the strategy. Also, edits are made to the website’s content based on the SEO needs.

Link Building

Link building is an element of external SEO. We will build a maximum organic profile, drive traffic to your site, strengthen your ranking in search engines.


Our team thoroughly monitor and control the project. We make additional adjustments in the promotion to get the maximum revenue for your business.

Complex SEO promotion services are a set of measures aimed at increasing your site ranking in the search engines on the widest list of key targeted search queries of Google and/or Yandex, and, respectively improving the site's visibility. SEO boosts traffic to the website, and as a result, helps to increase the popularity and recognition of your website (brand).

To attract more traffic to a web resource, ⁣ experts use several ways:

  • contextual advertising (PPC);
  • search engine promotion (SEO);
  • advertising on social networks (SMM);
  • banner advertising;
  • video ads.

The main goal of complex promotion is to use all marketing channels for website promotion.

Comprehensive SEO promotion by Top DMA experts

Promoting a low-quality web resource or developing a website without its subsequent promotion is ineffective and will not bring the desired result. So, it is essential to use all existing methods to create, optimize, fill the site with the content, and promote it on the internet. And the specialists of the professional digital marketing agency Top DMA will help you. For many years, highly qualified agency employees have been providing the design and development of turnkey websites, as well as content creation and further promotion with the help of the most successful and modern marking tools.

Stages of work on complex SEO promotion

1. Research the niche and outline the directions of the project development:

  • studying the subject of the project and its business priorities;
  • researching the structure and USP of your competitors' websites;
  • assessment of demand of the in-focus area.

2. Full comprehensive audit of the project:

  • detecting internal bugs of the project and their fixing;
  • analysis of the basic points that affect your site's ranking, such as the lack of information about the specific products or provided services; internal optimization (editing headings, improved images, interlinking); the number of commercial items (cost, access to the services ordered on the website); the convenience of the site for a potential client; exterior improvements (links to a website from other resources);
  • analysis of the competitiveness of your project in comparison with other resources of the same subject.

3. Collecting the semantic core.

Our specialists collect the semantic core both manually and using special services. All requests are divided into groups so that each group of the requests corresponds to a specific page on the site — a landing page.

4. Analysing, extending, or adjusting the structure of the website.

When analyzing the structural components of a website and deciding whether to create an additional page, SEO specialists take into account:

  • analysis of search by specific queries;
  • site usability and user-friendliness;
  • site performance from a practical point of view of sales on a website.

5. Building up a website optimization strategy.

The promotion strategy is prepared individually for different projects, taking into account the tasks that are set by the customer, the specifics of the niche, and the competitive positions of the website.

6. Conducting technical SEO promotion of the website.

7. Working with content. 

We fill the promoted pages with useful, informative content of high quality.

8. Internal improvement of the website:

  • improving meta tags and filling the site with them;
  • work to improve the text and visual content;
  • diagnostics and distribution of interlinking on the website;
  • enabling special navigation using navigation chains and adding micro-markup.

9. Optimization of the website's usability.

10. The increase of the commercial performance of a website, its parts, and characteristics that affect customers’ trust.

  • Creation of technical capabilities for convenient ordering of services or products by the buyer.
  • Development of web pages that can increase the trust of the audience and clarify the mechanism of interaction between a potential client and the company.

11. External optimization.

Increasing the trust of search engines to the website with the help of links from various thematic Internet resources with a high level of reliability and performance.

12. Analysis of results, reporting.

We write a detailed report on the work done at the end of the reporting period.

The principle of the cost formation of complex SEO services

The price of a complex promotion depends on:

  • the number of selected marketing channels
  • the number of language versions of the website;
  • the level of competition in the niche;
  • the budget for the advertising campaign.

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