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The promotion of mobile applications is an integral part of the successful launch and growth of the product's popularity on the web. Optimization allows you to bring the app to the top of the App Store and Google Play, increasing organic installs and the number of interested users.



The main and initial goal of ASO, or App Store Optimization, is to get unpaid downloads and installs. A large part of this method can be performed without significant financial investment. Basic mobile app optimization includes:

  • creation of a semantic kernel;
  • outlining of metadata based on keywords;
  • design of icons of high quality, comprehensible screenshots, and video presentations.

As a rule, optimization for Google Play begins with forming a semantic kernel and the insertion of keywords into meta tags (that is SEO for applications) because ranking algorithms index even the description in this market.

One of the crucial factors that optimization for the App Store includes is the improvement of the app promotion. In addition to mobile app SEO, which involves working on the introduction of key search queries in the title and description, it is important to make these attributes clear and attractive to the user. A/B testing demonstrates precisely the effectiveness of SEO for applications and each ASO action.

Most users choose apps looking at their visual appeal and the quality of their icons. Therefore, ASO pays special attention to the analysis and improvement of visual components. High-resolution screenshots, a first-rate icon, and the presence of a short but informative video have a significant effect on application promotion. This increases the number of organic downloads, which is taken into account when ranking mobile apps.


Incent traffic is the most important tool after ASO

App Store Optimization is undoubtedly bearing fruit, but it may take some time. To speed up the promotion, developers resort to motivated traffic. Like the ASO of Google Play or the App Store, organic installs are used to increase the app's ranking, i.e. its position in the search results.


What does App Store Optimization consist of?

The App Store and Google Play carefully protect and frequently update the algorithms for ranking programs in stores, so the promotion of mobile applications is a tough and complex process.

As practice shows, the crucial criteria that affect getting into the “Popular” list are:

  • the number of installs and their growth dynamics;
  • the ranking that consists of user ratings and comments;
  • indicator of app uninstalls from devices;
  • the number of launches on gadgets.

The main advantages of expert promotion of mobile applications are:

  • the fast growth of the app's position in online markets and its inclusion in the “Popular” list;
  • getting to the top positions of the search results (by keywords);
  • ability to attract a larger number of the loyal target audience;
  • ensuring many new downloads and reducing the cost of installs.

We perform expert promotion in the following areas:

Text optimization

Text optimization involves optimizing the content on the application page for key queries: title, subtitle, keywords, description, and so on.

Graphic optimization

Graphic optimization of the application is a comprehensive work with all the graphical elements aimed to convert the views of application in the search results to a page view and installation. So, the text ASO helps you find the application in the App Store and Google Play, then the graphic ASO makes you interested in the product, motivating you to go to its page. Hence, the main target is to persuade the user to install the app.


Its purpose is to reflect the essence of the application and attract attention straight away. Note that it is often the main graphic element that affects the user's wish to visit the application page.

With the help of graphical optimization, users will notice and understand your icon, and get all necessary information through screenshots and videos.


Screenshots play an equally important role in this entire chain of promotion actions and convince the user to click the “Install” button. They display the main screens of the application, which reveal the whole essence of the apps functionality and its value to the visitor. It gives the user a basic idea of the product before installing it.


The video is shown in the screenshot gallery and occupies the first place, and sometimes all three of them (in the App Store). It is advisable to show a tutorial, an impressive teaser or gameplay there.


Why should I entrust you with the promotion of my mobile apps?

We drive more traffic:

We help users to find your app in stores according to brand and topic queries or top lists in specific categories.

We increase the download conversion rate:

We help you to boost the number of downloads due to working with usability. After the ASO works, the conversion rate increases 1.5-2 times on average.


Top DMA has a highly qualified team of specialists:

The main advantage of ordering services from Top DMA is that we are the specialists who are constantly developing our professional skills. We have extensive experience in managing projects in various fields.

The scheme of work on the project:

  1. We analyse competitors in Google Play and the App Store. We rank indexes by their effectiveness, find successful solutions and connections.
  2. Our team collects the semantic core and cluster it.
  3. We prepare recommendations for content that include technical requirements for copy, titles, descriptions, and keywords.
  4. Our experts send you the final recommendations for optimizing the application, and we monitor their implementation as well.


How to order an ASO promotion:

To order the ASO service, you should simply leave a request on our website and the manager will contact you within 24 hours. After the first consultation, we draw up a plan for the preferred development strategy in accordance with your company's business sphere.

The most important advantage of TOP DMA is the complete transparency of the work. We cooperate with you only on the basis of a contract and provide full reporting at the end of each agreed period.

Do not hope for a lucky break - entrust the advertising campaign of your applications to real professionals from Top DMA.

Leave a request

We are ready to offer the most efficient solutions for your business. Tell us in short about your project, and our manager will contact you.

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