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Complex digital marketing is an effective solution for business because it uses a wide range of tools perfectly selected for a particular project. To get a modern and functional website, you need to entrust its development and promotion to professionals. Top DMA specialists are ready to provide high-quality services and take your business to the next level.

Benefits of complex marketing methods for online business

In integrated marketing, we apply only those tools that enable solving specific tasks. In this case, it would be useless to order only a single service, for example, targeted advertising or SMM promotion. All processes must be carried out simultaneously because that is the essence of complex digital marketing as a service.

The main differences between the comprehensive approach and using only one promotional tool lie in:

  1. Personalized approach to each project. There is no universal promotion plan that would suit every business. Therefore, it is essential to develop an expert marketing strategy taking into account specific data.
  2. The use of multiple tools at the same time. All tools interact directly with each other. Due to their simultaneous work, you can quickly identify the most effective tools. During development, it often turns out that you can invest not so much money in advertising, but at the same time, get excellent results from other channels (SEO or SMM).
  3. A single professional strategy. If a web resource is developed by people who do not interact during work processes, there is very little chance of achieving positive results. The essence of the comprehensive approach is to establish workflows for all specialists simultaneously. It is difficult to determine which channel brings the best results when each specialist works independently.

The main goal of integrated marketing is to increase sales. But still, there are other tasks that the complex of chosen tools should solve, for example, increasing loyalty to a product or service or creating a positive reputation in the market. All these mini-goals will help lead to one main goal.

Stages of complex marketing implementation

Any work on development and promotion begins with setting goals. They can be various:

  • media;
  • communication;
  • business goals;
  • marketing.

Based on the defined goals, the action plan is developed. Further work processes can be divided into several stages:

  1. Research. At this stage, all the internal aspects of the business itself are studied. Then the main tasks are outlined, competitors and the market are analyzed, and the potential effectiveness of advertising is calculated.
  2. Preliminary estimation of results. Before launching the site, a preliminary assessment of its further work is carried out. At this stage, it is possible to estimate the number of leads that can be obtained after the launch of the promotional campaigns. You can also calculate the approximate traffic volume for each channel.
  3. Development strategy. At this stage, absolutely everything is covered: user acquisition, conversion, visitor retention. During the development process, it should be determined which actions to take to achieve the set goals.
  4. Implementation of the developed strategy. First, you should not concentrate on a single marketing channel. The right thing to do is to practice an integrated approach. Careful following the chosen strategy will help you achieve your goals faster and increase the efficiency of the web resource.

If you decide to take your business to a new level or even create it from scratch, Top DMA specialists will be happy to help you with this.

We create websites that are aimed to reach your target audience. All our sites are fully adapted to different browsers and devices.

Our company’s mission is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of each client's business. You can discuss all the terms of cooperation with our manager by ordering a free consultation through the form on the website.

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