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Contextual ads are one of the most effective tools for promoting online stores. Such advertising will be seen only by the target audience that is potentially interested in purchasing a specific product and is looking for it through search engines. Therefore, ads will not be seen by people not interested in buying products. It helps to reduce budget costs and increase conversion.

In this article, we will tell you what advantages PPC has and which companies will benefit from this method of promotion. We will also explain the specifics of ordering this service in our company.

What types of contextual advertising exist?

Contextual advertising has the main advantage over other promotion tools — it is suitable for almost all business niches. It may not be useful only for small local companies, for example, grocery stores, which do not require a high-quality online presence. Therefore, this tool is widely used mostly by large companies.

So, before you order an online store promotion, you need to understand its types and what exactly your company needs:

  • Contextual advertising. These are special ads published on partner sites or in the apps. For example, Google has a display network where you can publish your ads. The ad may contain not only text but also visual parts to attract more attention of potential consumers.
  • Search ads. They are placed right below the search bar on the main search results page. They are also placed on maps and relevant catalogs. It is mainly text advertising, but if you have an account in Google Merchant Center, you can add a photo of the product, the store's name, and even reviews. The second option is more attractive and informative for the consumer.
  • Retargeting. This tool is used to return consumers who have previously visited your online store. Such advertising allows the brand to remind the buyer about its products or services so that he visits the site again and makes purchases. In this case, thematic ads and search ads work.

Contact Top DMA specialists for assistance if you can't decide which type of contextual advertising will work best to promote your company. We first conduct a full briefing of the client to understand the goals and tasks set for the team. Then we will be able to offer a ready-made solution for the client's business.

Our agency works with all types of digital ads. Therefore, you will be able to move faster than many of the competitors in your niche, as well as attract more potential customers and receive orders.

How much do the services for ordering and setting contextual advertising cost?

This is one of the most popular client questions. But we can't tell the exact amount of investments. After analyzing the brief and performing an audit of your business, our specialists will be able to name the advertising budget that is recommended to be allocated in order to get the desired result.

Many factors affect the cost per click: the time of the display, the business niche, competitiveness, and the quality of the advertising itself. In other words, the more advertisers promote a similar product, for example, Korean cosmetics in Kyiv, the larger the budget you will need to get a good conversion.

Our specialists perform full customization of contextual advertising for the client's online store. We also take care of performance tracking and provide regular reports for customers. We perform a full cycle, and you can independently see how well the work is being done.

If you have any questions, our manager will answer them. All current contacts are listed on the website, so you can contact us at a convenient time and get advice. We are waiting for your requests today!

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