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Almost every modern business has its own website because expanding the company beyond its offline office is the right way to boost profits and increase brand awareness.

If you are interested in developing a company website, you are in the right place. Top DMA company is ready to offer the most effective solutions for creating a corporate website, with the help of which your business will go digital in the shortest possible time.


What are the main components of an effective corporate website?

In order to have a professional website that will meet your business needs and requirements, you have to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Attractive and user-friendly design. The site should display all the peculiarities of the organization and be user-friendly. A successful design ensures the high efficiency of an online resource and increases the likelihood of its interaction with a potential client.
  2. It satisfies the pains of the target audience. When visiting an online store or another website, customers must get clear answers to their questions.
  3. Reliable and stable performance. The site’s effectiveness is influenced by its good performance as in case of any error or drawback, the visitor will immediately leave the website and look for a similar offer at your competitors' stores. Stable performance inspires users’ trust and increases the chances that they will stay on your site.
  4. Timely update of the content. The website should not be a “dead zone.” Constant updating of the content will increase the brand’s popularity as customers will visit you again and again. Therefore, adding new information about discounts or offers is essential.

It is crucial to develop a high-quality project and promote it later because, without advertising, even the coolest site will remain unnoticed by the users. After all, a corporate website is your company’s business card that has to attract more and more potential customers.


Stages of corporate website development

End-to-end website development is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • Analysis. At this stage, we carry out an assessment and analysis of the target audience, as well as study your business peculiarities;
  • Preparation of the technical requirements according to which the project will be developed. It should clearly indicate the deadlines and the amount of the planned budget;
  • Design development. It includes the creation of the main structure of the future site and the preparation of its visual prototype;
  • Making of blocks. Allows you to create a graphical user interface of a web resource and prepare the site for filling with content;
  • Content creation. This stage involves collecting semantic core, writing content, and then filling the site with textual and visual content.

If you decide to order end-to-end corporate website development, Top DMA is ready to offer the most effective business solutions. The price of the finished project will depend on such factors as the type of site, the design customization, and the complexity of the work in general. The agency's professionals are always ready to create a high-quality project considering all the customer’s requirements.

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