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One of the most popular questions from Top DMA clients is about website development costs. But it is necessary to consider several important factors that determine the price. We would like to point out that the price will depend on the project's specifics. Therefore, the customer needs to think out all the details of the future project before contacting us.

This article is a checklist that may help you understand how the cost of creating a website from scratch is formed. And here are also some ideas of what to do to save you time and possibly finances when developing a platform for online business.

Website development: what exactly is included there?

Prices for website creation services do not appear out of thin air. However, some agencies and freelancers seem to overprice their services for no reason. But in our company, the cost depends on the project's peculiarities. So, let's see what is included in the very concept of “website development service”:

  • Creating a design. It can be either a unique website or a project developed on standard templates.
  • Creating the structure of the site and its elements. It implies working with the code. But it can be done if the CMS allows it.
  • The cost of the project implementation also depends on the content creation. Our in-house copywriters and designers can make content, or the client himself hires third-party contractors.
  • The same happens with the promotion: will the customer pay for the SEO promotion of the project, or will he receive an exclusively ready-to-launch project?

Therefore, the price of making a landing page website or an online store depends on what the client wants: to get only a ready-made platform with a template design or a custom-made project. Also, you should not forget about the additional services we can provide. Therefore, before our Project Manager tells you the final price of the project implementation, you will have to answer the questions in our brief. This document allows us to understand what the customer wants and define the cost of the finished product.

How to choose a website developer?

Depending on what the clients want, we offer them various options for website designers. Some clients have ready-made templates that only need to be adjusted to a full-scale project. In this case, the client will need to pay the platform for maintenance in the future. For example, the price of creating a website on a Tilda looks very attractive to many customers. But there are also pitfalls since the functionality of this platform is limited. As a result, you will have only a standard set of tools.

The price for developing a website on WordPress is also quite affordable. In addition, it is a convenient CMS to maintain, and it has many useful features that make the project more tailor-made. There are more plugins, but many of them are paid. It should also be taken into account when creating a website.

The price of developing a WordPress site at Top DMA depends on whether we need to work with the code and how complex this work is. That's why we are holding a briefing to understand the scope of future work. While analyzing your answers to the brief questions, we may need more information that will affect the final cost of the finished project.

What type of website do you require: a landing page or a corporate website?

The choice of the type depends on the ultimate goal. For example, if you are a fitness trainer and want to promote your services online, you do not need a full-scale project. The cost of creating a single-page website is always cheaper. But if you want to fill it with high-quality content and perform search engine optimization, you need to add these services to the final price.

If you want a corporate website that describes your company's products and services, then obviously, the landing page will be too small for you. In this case, high-quality content is needed, both textual and visual. There may be additional options, for example, an online support chatbot. All this information should be taken into account when forming the cost of the service.

The price of creating a website for an online store also depends on the size of the catalog, related pages, and additional options. We ask you to describe all these parameters in the brief, so we have an idea of what kind of project you want.

The site's development price is estimated for each case individually. We discuss each project with the client after the briefing stage. Our experts can suggest options for making a high-quality website and, at the same time, attractive to buyers. In our company, the final price does not change after signing a cooperation agreement. Therefore, you can be sure that Top DMA works transparently and reliably.

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