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At the present stage of the rapid development of the digital sphere and information technologies, having your web resource is the key to success. The website provides an opportunity to communicate with potential customers, sell goods, offer services, notify, advertise, announce, compete, and intensively develop in the right direction. Creating a website to get a high ranking in search engines is not enough to achieve the desired results. If you want to implement all the above tasks, it is necessary to design the site's structure professionally.

The structure of a website is a logical system in which all the sections, subsections, and pages are interconnected and located in close relation to each other.

The development of the website structure is the main stage of its design, the result of which depends on both the convenience of the web resource for interested users and the economic efficiency of search promotion.

The main advantages of Internet resources with a well-thought-out structure

Logically convenient navigation will increase the profitability of your online business. Let's single out the main advantages of a simple but properly organized website's structure:

  • usability improvement (allows a potential client to find the information he needs faster. And, therefore, the client spends more time on the website resource, and that increases behavioral ranking indicators);
  • forcing the indexing of web pages (helps search robots to figure out which web pages are interesting and necessary for a webmaster and a potential user).
  • reducing the number of technical bugs on the web resource (it will help to avoid numerous duplicates of web pages so that you will save time and financial resources for its promotion);
  • dividing the link weight internally across all web pages according to their importance;
  • covering the maximum number of queries (constructing special sections, additional categories, and various landing pages for a specific composition of queries enables ranking by a massive number of keywords).

When is it necessary to change the structure of the website?

  • scaling of online business (when changing the scale of online business, in cases when it is necessary to enlarge the size of the Internet site in accordance with the expansion of the range of products, services, or goods);
  • attracting new visitors (if the organization's business plans include attracting more users);
  • an increase in organic traffic (in the case when an extensive, diverse product range is presented on the site, but organic traffic is incomparably small).

What does the website structure design from a Top DMA cover?

  • a comprehensive study of the characteristic features of your business;
  • a thorough analysis of semantics from a thematic perspective;
  • comparative analysis of the main competitors;
  • building a hierarchical system, sections, subsections of an Internet resource, and categories with an ideal level of investment;
  • designing sections of the Internet resource and its adaptive design, setting up the integration to improve the usability of the website and the best cooperation with databases;
  • development of a URL structure with specific search words, according to the outlined hierarchy;
  • development of a web resource, setting up its navigation;
  • internal optimization of web resource links, management of linking to develop intuitive, user-friendly navigation;
  • selecting appropriate content, filling the site with it and testing, and comprehensively analyzing the website to reasonably save effort, money, and time.

Thus, certified experts of Top DMA will develop the structure of an online platform based on a comparative, comprehensive analysis of search queries, your main competitors, behavioral metrics of visitors, and a certain logical and practical value of web pages.

Why does an online business choose Top DMA?

The main advantages of Top DMA:

  • personal approach to the needs of potential customers;
  • a wide range of options for solving various kinds of customer tasks;
  • reasonable, acceptable cost of services provided by the agency;
  • individual consultations;
  • rational usage of proven technologies, mechanisms, and processes that allow achieving the desired effect within a determined period;
  • the optimal time for completing the assigned tasks due to the professionally organized work of specialists;
  • a continuous process of monitoring and instant adjustments;
  • working with business projects of different scales and in various areas of interest;
  • a cross-functional team of specialists with practical experience in the field of Internet marketing in many foreign markets (the experience is proven by certificates from international advertising and analytical structures);
  • continuous communication and synchronization with the customer;
  • the resources developed by our specialists are adaptive for all types of devices;
  • we provide regular, detailed reports on all online projects.

All of the above preferential factors minimize risks and reduce your investment in an online project!

Order website structure development services in Top DMA – and our specialists will turn your business ideas into economic profit!

Would you like to clarify the scope of work and find out the cost or the timing of your project implementation? Top DMA experts are ready to advise on problematic issues of your online business development at any time convenient for you. Call our manager at the phone number listed below or use the “Call me back” service. Our specialists will contact you in a while.

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