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An online store is a service that allows you to make purchases on the web. Unlike shopping at any regular store, you do not need to leave your home to buy goods, and you can make purchases at any time of the day.

The main advantage of an online store for business is reaching a much larger number of potential customers. This, in turn, will increase brand awareness and help to boost sales. Users will be able to choose products themselves, read the description, and make an order.

Who needs an online store?

  • A small business
  • A new brand
  • A large company for increasing sales
  • Companies that develop new business lines


Types of online stores

There are a vast number of various online stores on the net. All of them differ from each other by the type of platform on which they were created, namely:

  • On their own CMS - the main advantage is the uniqueness. Depending on your needs, you can expand a feature set, create a unique design, and handy administration. But you still have to spend some money to purchase a license.
  • On a free CMS – this is the most economical option, but with certain functional limitations.
  • On the SaaS platform – this allows purchasing a ready-made project, the functionality of which is thought out to the smallest detail.

In fact, there is no perfect platform for a trading website. It all depends on the needs and capabilities of the client. Our professional team will be happy to help you choose the best option for your business development.

How do I open a store online?

First of all, to open an online trading platform, you need to choose a reliable hosting service as well as a secure payment system. You should not create a website yourself because dull content or inconvenient interface will simply scare away potential customers, bringing a loss to your business. Therefore, to save time and money, you should entrust e-commerce website development to professionals from Top DMA.

Our company guarantees excellent quality and timely performance of tasks, a creative approach, and a flexible pricing policy.

In addition to developing an e-commerce site itself, we provide various services for working out an advertising campaign, content management, and training in the use of analytics tools, thereby offering full support to your business.


Our services

We work in e-commerce website creation and provide a full range of SEO services to promote your project. By contacting us, you will get a working online store that will be maximum optimised for search engines.

Our agency also offers you to buy a ready-made resource that will immediately make a profit or order the creation of a project based on an individual approach. Just contact us when you want to, and we will answer any questions you may have.

Our advantages

Top DMA is a team of professionals who understand the wishes of their customers and make them a reality. We have a lot of advantages that you should know about:

  • The cost of services is always comfortable for the customer and depends on the specification of the project;
  • We are ready to be immersed fully in the peculiarities of your business to fulfil tasks in the best possible way;
  • We are always focused on excellent results;
  • We take into account every wish of the client.

The process of creating an online store by our e-commerce web agency is divided into several stages:

  1. Individual selection of the CMS;
  2. Choosing a hosting and a domain name;
  3. Development of the site navigation and site structure;
  4. Creating a custom website design;
  5. Coding and template automation;
  6. Installing and configuring the template;
  7. Filling the resource with content.

On average, it will take up to two months to create a new project, developing a unique design, full coding and automation.

We are also ready to support your project in the future by adding new products, tracking statistics, checking reviews, and so on. To consult our specialist, contact us right now by leaving a request on the website or simply by calling us.

Leave a request

We are ready to offer the most efficient solutions for your business. Tell us in short about your project, and our manager will contact you.

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