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A standard corporate website can't provide your business with stable growth online in a modern competitive market. Additional channels of interaction between the seller and the buyer are essential.

Business owners wishing to develop and scale their commerce will undoubtedly face the problem of choosing additional advertising channels to promote their companies. And if in the past, there were not too many marketing channels, and almost everything was limited to contextual advertising, but now digital advertising and its formats are very diverse.

However, you should remember that there is no universal advertising channel for all types of e-commerce. For some companies advertising on Google will bring more profit, while Facebook will bring more sales to others. We can say which type of online advertising will work in your case only after professional testing of the most popular promotional channels. We will consider many factors: the niche and strategy of your business, the company's budget, targeted audience, strategic business objectives, and current market situation.

The most effective online advertising channels and what benefits they really bring for different business segments

At the moment, there are many advertising channels on the Internet. The main, proven channels for product promotion online include:

  1. SEO promotion is an effective tool for online advertising of goods and services. It allows your company to interest new users by redirecting them to pages with the information they are looking for. This advertising channel has long-term effectiveness, lasting even after the promotion work is completed. This channel's advantages include users' trust in the information provided by search engines. SEO is especially important for a business segment with many search queries.
  2. Content marketing is a method of promotion on the Internet, which clearly demonstrates to your potential loyal customers all the best quality characteristics of the goods and services you offer, thereby increasing the customers' trust. For this purpose, content marketing uses a description of goods or services, a variety of video reviews, along with giving recommendations on care and operation.
  3. SMM. The main purpose of social media marketing is to build up communication with users in a more friendly manner, develop a loyal attitude to products or brands, and improve their recognition. An advertising channel of this type is an ideal option for small business owners.
  4. PPC advertising is the most reliable option among online promotion channels. This channel is designed to work with “hot consumers,” as well as interested potential customers (buyers) who are choosing/ comparing products and conditions of their purchase in stores or prices for services provided.
  5. Targeted advertising is the most targeted type of promotion – advertisements are displayed according to the customer's search queries and in full accordance with personal characteristics and individual interests. It promotes the return of interested customers and the potential return of visitors who, for some reason, did not perform a targeted action on the site.
  6. Email marketing is an efficient method of advertising campaigns in target segments of the consumer market. This Internet marketing tool is characterized by constant communication with the audience and the ability to return users who have not purchased for a long time. With the help of this advertising channel, you can tell about interesting upcoming promotions or the launch of a new product. It also allows for conducting a survey, notifying about any changes on your site, sharing expert content (instructions, reviews, tips), or inviting customers to a sale.
  7. Messenger marketing is an advertising channel through which it is possible to monetize previously interested customers. With the help of the introduction of messenger marketing, you can automatically send newsletters with personal offers, instantly notifying users about promotions and sales, in addition to communicating on their orders.
  8. Banner advertising is the brightest way to attract customers. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate a selling proposition to the target audience fully. The main distinguishing feature of banner advertising is beautiful visualization and interactivity, which makes it highly effective for all kinds of businesses.
  9. Remarketing (retargeting) is a highly effective marketing tool. This technological solution allows you to advertise a product or service only to the active audience that has performed a specific action on the website.

Undoubtedly, online advertising has many options. In most cases, any advertising channel can be effective by itself or in complex interaction. It is essential to use each channel of interaction with the client at a particular stage of the sales funnel in accordance with the practical tasks performed (forming an attitude to the brand, returning customers, and encouraging repeat purchases). In a well-built marketing strategy, online advertising channels help each other, confidently moving the buyer through the sales funnel to the final action — making a purchase.

Entrust the setup of modern Internet advertising to specialists!

There are many effective digital channels to attract customers. The main task is not to find the coolest online channel for promoting goods or services but to accurately figure out which advertising channel will work best for you. After all, the performance indicators of business introduction, attracting potential customers, and their retention depends on the correctly selected advertising channels and, consequently, on the results of the economic efficiency of their work.

Top DMA's will help you select an effective online promotion channel. Deep knowledge, experience, skills to catch and react to the latest trends instantly, as well as an ability to predict the result of changes are characteristic professional features of our specialists who will determine the most optimal channels that bring you the highest income at the lowest cost.

If you want to entrust the development of an advertising company's strategy and the setup of online advertising to specialists – write or call us. We will help you here.

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