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What is end-to-end website development? Many business owners wonder how they can expand their company with the help of the Internet. This article will reveal all the peculiarities of this service and explain how to launch an effective site.

Features and advantages of end-to-end website development service

A turnkey website is a project created from scratch. At the same time, the developer participates in every stage of its creation. The advantages of such solutions include:

  • custom design;
  • full implementation of all client's requirements;
  • a comprehensive approach;
  • affordable price;
  • high quality and efficiency.

Website development from scratch involves the simultaneous involvement of a whole team of specialists: back-end and front-end developers, UI/UX designers, marketers. Each of them performs their duties professionally and accurately. Such an approach allows us to create a successful site and do it in the shortest possible time.

It is worth noting that the cost of end-to-end website development will be much less than if you paid separately for each service.

Stages of work

The whole process of the project implementation can be divided into three main stages:

  1. Preparatory work. An initial stage consists of analyzing the target audience and your competitors, collecting semantic core, and creating a “prototype” of the future site. It is essential to consider even the smallest details during this process because such an approach ensures good results. All of the above processes will allow you to adapt your new website to users' requests and outline your promotion strategy.
  2. Development. At this stage, the site itself is created. The development process involves creating design and content, programming, and coding. Then it is undergoing further preparation for promotion in search engines. Front-end design should attract visitors and encourage them to interact (give a like, subscribe, make an order, etc.). In addition, the website should be fully adaptive to work effectively on various devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones).
  3. The release is followed by testing. We perform configurations of the website to ensure maximum convenience for the user. In turn, it will bring more profit for your company in the future. We will connect the site to the hosting and domain, and after that, the site will start working. After the launch, our team will test it for correct operation and check its display in popular search engines.

In order for the site to be effective in the future and able to bring profit, it must be “alive.” Do not forget about the regular updating of content, advertising, and other actions that will call for the site’s interaction with a potential client.

If you want to order website development from scratch, Top DMA is at your service. Our team consists of specialists who have many creative concepts and ideas. We are ready not only to make a successful site but also to provide you with professional support and maintenance in the future.

The cost of services is determined individually, depending on the client's requirements and special features of the future site.

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