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Why does your business need a landing page? Nowadays, these web pages are one of the most effective ways to attract customers and persuade them to start working with you.

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In this case, you introduce your product or service to clients in a fast and comprehensive way. A person can see a catchy headline, attractive photos, and even positive reviews about the product in just a minute, which encourages quick decision-making. So, in no time, your new client is ordering a call, being ready to subscribe to your advertising newsletter or making a real purchase by clicking the CTA button.

In the classical sense, a landing page is a one-page website, and its primary purpose is to convince a potential customer to buy goods, order a service or subscribe to a newsletter.

This kind of site can exist only for a few months, for example, if we sell tickets for a single event, or it can be a fairly long-term project when we build the main advertising strategy of our product on its basis.


Creation of effective landing pages

A classic good landing page is a website that captures the attention of a potential customer from the first seconds, and in a minute, turns him into an actual buyer.

There are two main strategies that we use to develop successful advertising sites.

In the first case, we create a website applying the following algorithm:

  1. At the first stage, we attract visitors’ attention with the help of a catchy heading or a bright photo showing the advertising product.
  2. The next stage implies arousing the reader's interest. We show the advantages of this product or service through short logical ideas.
  3. The third point is a well-thought-out advertising trick when it is necessary to provoke the buyer’s interest with engaging visual content and convince him that he needs this very product.
  4. The last step is the most important as it implies the realisation of the target– we need to get the user to take action set up by our site.

The second approach implies a more dynamic work with the client.

  • To attract attention and immediately sort out potential customers from the flow of other visitors, we identify a specific problem (pains of the audience) that we will help them solve later.
  • Then comes the climax — the aggravation of the problem, and this method allows you to keep the attention of a person on the site.
  • Then it is necessary to show that there is, of course, hope for a solution.
  • And, therefore, the key point is that we offer the visitor a solution to his problem with the help of a specific product or service. To do this, the customer needs to contact us by phone or immediately place an order.


Order landing page development

Top DMA specialists are ready to create an attractive presentation of your company, which will boost the development of your business in the shortest possible time.

We provide various landing page development services, including designing fully single-page websites and creating a landing page as a setting for your main site. Thus, this advertising trick is perfect for a newly formed business, as well as for those who have been working in the market for some time, but want to increase their revenue. In addition, you can use this internet website for sending a newsletter to your regular customers or offer a one-time service or a new product.

Leave your request on the Top DMA website, and we will immediately contact you to discuss all your wishes and draw up a work plan, beginning from the design of the project and ending with an advantageous price for the services provided.

We will do our utmost to ensure that your landing page is the most appealing for future customers, but at the same time, meets the needs of your business.

Leave a request

We are ready to offer the most efficient solutions for your business. Tell us in short about your project, and our manager will contact you.

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