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Website promotion in search engines is a rather complicated matter. First, it is caused by the fact that Google's algorithms are constantly changing. And specialists need to adapt to these changes. In addition, there is always the problem of promoting new sites that do not have the “trust” of search engines. And the situation becomes too bad if non-professionals were engaged in search engine optimization at the site, and the project got under penalties.

In any case, experienced SEO specialists should be engaged in promotion in search engines. Otherwise, you can harm the project. And in this article, we will talk about how to promote a website quickly and how our company Top DMA can help you.

What factors influence the SEO promotion of a website?

Fast SEO promotion is possible only if you observe all the rules of search engines. First, it is necessary to have the proper domain and data protection. It allows you to get +10 to the karma of the site, especially if you have an online store or your platform allows transactions related to the payment for services. But remember that all user data must be protected.

Your web resource must have a sitemap and a robot.tht. These are the files that help Google search crawlers find the right content. Setting them up should be done by specialists because they know what pages need to be hidden from indexing and what pages have to be left for further scanning.

In addition, the specialist will conduct a technical audit of the site and find possible bugs that just prevent your website from rapid SEO promotion. The fact is that with poor-quality development or with the same promotion in search engines, such problems can arise and slow down the site's progress. We use modern methods of conducting technical analysis, which allows us to detect negative factors.

It is also necessary to increase the link mass to ensure a quick promotion to the TOP 10. This process requires relevant experience. Otherwise, you can fall under the sanctions of search engines. And it is difficult and expensive to get out of them. We know which exchanges and resources can ensure safe promotion.

High-quality content is one of the main promotion tools

The rapid promotion of the site to the TOP 10 can be done with the help of high-quality content. Without good content, the resource will not allow its owner to grow the business and sell products. SEO specialists, together with copywriters, perform the filling of the site with the content. These specialists collect relevant semantics and write texts.

So, what criteria for high-quality content exist:

  • The text must be useful for the reader and contain only relevant information.
  • It is not over-spammed with keywords. Otherwise, your site can get fined.
  • The content must always be fresh. From time to time, companies change the texts on the site pages, select new relevant semantics, and start a blog, where they regularly publish articles interesting to visitors.

These are ways to speed up the promotion in search engines. The specialists of our digital agency will also help you with this. Our team consists of experienced SEO experts and copywriters who will undertake the creation of functional, attractive, and selling content for your site.

What factors block the rapid promotion of the site?

So, what can prevent the project from reaching the TOP 10 or even getting fined and disappearing from the visibility of the target audience? Let's take a closer look:

  • Cheating behavioral factors. And although Google does not perceive good behavioral factors as the leading criterion for getting to the TOP, many site owners use third-party software and get banned. Therefore, we do not recommend using ambiguous methods.
  • Over spamming with keywords. A few years ago, you could use the maximum keywords in the text to get the highest ranking in the search results. But now, it can only harm the page and the whole project.
  • Purchase of a large amount of link mass. A lot does not mean good and high quality. For external optimization, you need our specialists' appropriate knowledge and experience.

So, to avoid repeating mistakes, it is better to contact us directly in Top DMA. We will audit the site and develop a promotion strategy to help you advance and reach the TOP 10.

Our cooperation will begin with a briefing. This document allows us to understand the client's goals and priorities and calculate the final cost for all promotion services. If you still have questions, our manager will answer them. All actual contacts are listed on the website.

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