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A personal brand is an image of a specialist. It is how the audience sees him, what messages a person displays, and his tone of voice. A personal brand is based on the professional experience of a specialist and his expertise in a particular sphere. And one of the ways to convey this information is through social networks. Therefore, SMM personal brand promotion is one of the most popular digital services.

So, in this article, we will tell you what the promotion of a personal brand is and what stages exist for this.

Why do I need a personal brand on social networks?

So, let's figure out why you need to invest your budget in promoting your personal brand on Instagram or FB:

  • Attracting new customers. Literally any of the business spheres “lives” in social networks. And this is a promising channel for increasing the customer base and attracting new visitors.
  • Tell us more about your products. On Instagram or another social network, it's pretty easy to share the benefits of services in posts, stories, or with the help of targeted advertising.
  • Work with customer objections. Many business people lose their profits just because potential customers doubt the rationality of buying a service or product. For example, it is expensive, or there is a lack of trust in a brand. You can work with this negativity using expert or selling content, in which you will show all the advantages and benefits of the product for customers.
  • Improve your reputation. The more positive the image of a specialist is, the greater the percentage of trust among the audience is. And it means that the probability of purchase is higher. So, good reputation = stable profit.

You can order the promotion of a personal brand on social networks at Top DMA agency. Our specialists will audit your presence on social networks, make up an account development strategy and create a content plan that will help you uncover your expertise, show the benefits of cooperation, and increase sales.

Stages of building and promoting a personal brand in social networks

And now, let's take a closer look at what algorithm Top DMA experts use to develop a customer's personal brand:

  1. Analysis of the client's product and audit of presence in social networks. We dive into the specifics of services and products to understand what benefits are relevant to the target audience. That is, we conduct a SWOT analysis. And also, look at how the work in social networks was built earlier.
  2. Preparation of a unique selling proposition (USP). These are the advantages that distinguish you from your competitors and help you attract customers.
  3. Outlining a personal brand promotion strategy in social networks. First, the most priority sites are selected for promotion based on the specifics of the business and the target audience. Then the profile is correctly designed: a bio, an avatar, and a branded visual part. The profile must look attractive to potential buyers. And based on this, a content plan is developed.
  4. Preparation of reports. Our Top DMA specialists track the primary metrics of the effectiveness of promoting accounts on social networks. During the consultation, we discuss with the client how often reports will be sent, what KPIs need to be achieved, and within what time period.

In addition to attractive visual and engaging posts to promote a personal brand on Instagram or any other social network, it is essential to interact directly with the audience. For example, you should respond to subscribers' comments by involving them in further communication, work with claims and negative reviews, both in the feed and in personal messages, and accept / process orders. Top DMA SMM specialists can do all these services for you.

How to order personal brand promotion, and what are the benefits of cooperation with Top DMA?

You can order a consultation on our website with just a couple of clicks. Our manager will contact you to tell you more about the stages of cooperation. If everything suits you, we can proceed to the briefing, when specialists evaluate the scope of work and cost of the project implementation.

Let's look at the main advantages of cooperation with Top DMA and why it is worth ordering the promotion of a personal brand from Top DMA:

  1. An integrated strategic approach. Our specialists adhere to a well-thought-out strategy that allows you to rationally spend your budget on promotion and get maximum profit from it. In addition, setting the priorities correctly enables specialists effectively spend time on the project and achieve the set goals.
  2. We conduct business openly and transparently. Specialists provide the clients with full access to the advertising account to see how the budget is spent. We are always ready for dialogue. Therefore we are ready to discuss all your wishes and comments. We provide mandatory reporting in a convenient and understandable form for the client.
  3. Individual approach to each project. We develop a promotion strategy separately for each business niche and the needs of an individual client. Experts offer custom solutions based on the audit of the project.

Let's summarize everything. A personal brand in social networks helps create a certain image of a specialist, convey the benefits and value of the product, increase audience loyalty and boost the number of orders. Our company Top DMA will develop a promotion strategy specifically for your business, helping to increase the number of customers and profit. We provide favorable and transparent terms of cooperation. Therefore, do not put away the promotion of your business, but contact us for advice right now.

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