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The website’s design is the first thing a visitor pays attention to. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a balance between the text content and design elements because a good combination of both will attract the user and keep him on the site as long as possible. In this article, we will talk about the importance of website design development and what stages it consists of.


Advantages of custom design development

A template interface is a compromise solution for projects with a small budget or those who need to open an online shop or another kind of website in the shortest possible time. But today, everyone strives to be individual, so developing a website design layout from scratch significantly increases the chances of improving brand awareness and, as a result, the amount of sales.

The priority of every serious company is to create the most appealing, and at the same time, convenient website for its customers.

Benefits of custom web design

  • maximum satisfaction of the requirements of the target audience;
  • detailed presentation of a specific product, service, or brand features;
  • increasing the interest of visitors to the site;
  • individual approach and customization.

With the help of individual solutions, our specialists will implement even the most creative ideas. As a result, you get an original website with a unique code and content.


The main stages of the web design development

Prototyping is a time-consuming process that consists of several stages.

  1. Preparation and discussion. We discuss all the requirements and wishes with the customer during the preparation stage. And based on this information, we determine tasks and business goals. As a result, the most helpful information for the project is collected. It will serve as a basis for the future work. This stage also implies the selection of the most effective solutions and tools to achieve the project goals. During this process, the most exciting ideas are brainstormed.
  2. Creating a branded style. Our designer team works on the development of the brand identity, including logo, colors, fonts, and many more.
  3. Development of the prototype. This stage involves the implementation of all previously discussed ideas and creative solutions. The development of the site pages is performed with the help of innovative programs. After that, the specialists make final improvements and present a project that will meet the client's needs and also help to achieve marketing goals.

The service of creating a design does not have a fixed cost because there are a lot of things that influence the final price. First, it is the type of web resource, its style, and custom development. The cost of services and other details are discussed individually with specialists who will provide the most detailed information and help you choose the best variant.

You can order the development of a website design at the digital marketing agency Top DMA. Our specialists practice an integrated approach to each project, which ensures a positive effect on the quality of the work performed. We use the best proven methodologies and new technologies to provide the top-level quality of work.

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