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WordPress is one of the most popular engines for websites. The main point in developing any Internet resource is the selection of a suitable content management system (CMS). Previously, site engines were selected depending on specific tasks. But times change, management systems are being updated, new versions are being released. Today, with the help of the WordPress platform, which was originally used for blogs, the specialists of Top DMA can develop any type of website.

The main advantages of developing a project on WordPress

Now WordPress is the most popular platform due to its advantages over other platforms. WordPress has quite powerful functionality and helps create an Internet site with the required parameters quickly. So, the key features of WordPress:

  1. Affordability. WordPress is a free CMS, which significantly reduces the cost of developing an Internet project. It works under General Public License (GNU GPL). The client has the right to freely use this content management system for various purposes, including commercial ones.
  2. Almost unlimited functionality. With the help of WordPress, it is possible to develop not only a personal blog or a multimedia gallery but also a full-fledged corporate website, an information portal, an online store, a business card website.
  3. Easy administration of site's content and functionality. Both paid and free templates are available on WordPress. They enable changing the UI of the site according to your needs. Plugins significantly increase the list of potential capabilities of CMS WP, which provides a solution to technical tasks. These templates allow adding all the necessary sections, subsections, and blocks, thereby achieving the necessary, optimal functionality of the website.
  4. Easy to learn and maintain. It will take only a couple of hours to study the basic functionality.
  5. Regular, free updates. WordPress is periodically updated, becoming more functional and protected from hacking. And most importantly, all updates are free.
  6. Optimization for SEO promotion. Projects developed on WordPress are perfectly optimized for various search engines. Such optimization allows the site to be ranked better by search engines.
  7. Fast loading. A website created on the WordPress platform will work quickly and correctly.
  8. Free integration with a domain or website that you are using already.

Step-by-step development of websites on WordPress by the team Top DMA

A clearly outlined project implementation strategy is the key to its success. The creation of a website by professionals of Top DMA includes the search for solutions for the implementation of the project objectives, the development of modern design, coding, and QA testing.

Main stages of WordPress website development:

  • Planning. Preliminary discussion of the project strategy.
  • Implementation of the technical requirements. Our team will develop the structural elements of the site, the design of page prototypes, and its text content.
  • Website deployment and testing. It is an important stage that enables us to find and correct all drawbacks quickly. The website will be available to customers only after comprehensive QA testing.
  • Promotion. Our developers create a site that will be optimized for further promotion through various marketing channels. Our marketing team will outline a website promotion strategy for the chosen marketing channels and then implement it.

Besides, you will be able to fully maintain the work of your resource and reach your ambitious business goals!

Well, do you already want to order the creation of a website on WordPress? The Company Top DMA will be happy to work with your project! Good results begin with filling in the application form.

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