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Laravel is a very popular PHP web framework with which you can develop a project of various levels of complexity. Since its release, this tool has immediately become in demand, and it is still developing dynamically.

Website development on Laravel allows you to create professional multipage online resources of any type, with little or no restrictions on functionality.


Features and benefits of developing a website on the Laravel framework

With the help of a framework, the development time of a website or mobile application is significantly shortened. This tool enables specialists to work comfortably. Among the main advantages of using the Laravel framework are:

  • High performance. A well-thought-out architecture ensures fast and stable operation of a website, which CMS-based sites cannot always provide;
  • Reliable protection against hacking;
  • Easy to maintain and operate. The tool allows you to do the custom configuration of the admin panel specifically for the requirements of the site owner;
  • Complex logic and structure. Working with this framework provides an opportunity to get the most complex website with a multi-level architecture;
  • The availability of ready-made modules for solving the most common tasks significantly increases the speed of the project development. In addition, this PHP framework does not load the website.


What projects should I use Laravel for?

The framework is absolutely universal, but there are web resources for which this tool suits better. Primarily, these are large online stores with complex architecture. The development of such projects is possible due to the framework’s flexibility. Laravel is also great for B2B portals. These sites need automation of multiple processes related to management, control, and customer service. Ensuring the full functionality of such websites does not entail compromising quality or loss of time.

Laravel is an excellent solution for startups, corporate websites, and personal projects. This framework has enormous capabilities that enable specialists to create websites taking into account absolutely all customer requirements.


The main stages of development

Creating a website from scratch, our team goes through several stages:

  1. Preparation of technical requirements according to the assigned tasks and goals.
  2. Architecture development followed by code writing and database filling. This stage also implies work aimed at creating a site management system.
  3. Design development.
  4. Content creation.
  5. Hosting and release.

Developing a website using a framework requires knowledge and experience, so it will be better if specialists undertake it. You can order this service from a digital marketing agency Top DMA. The company's developer team has extensive experience in launching successful websites, therefore you are sure to get the highest quality of work. All the peculiarities are discussed individually because it allows us to fully consider all the requirements of the customer and the needs of his business.

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