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What is a website prototype design for business? Why does your company need it?

A professional website is essential for your business development because it encourages visitors to perform targeted actions and order a service or product. However, website development starts with creating a high-quality prototype that must reflect your company's style and branding.

Designing the prototype implies working on the visual block of each online page and the overall size of the website, arrangement of the graphic structural elements of the resource for quick notification of a user of the goods / services (from the point of view of the convenience of searching and using the information on the site).

The modern, user-friendly prototype is:

  • the most powerful competitive advantage;
  • online presentation of your business;
  • the rapid success of a business project;
  • new broad opportunities for further business development and expansion;
  • various significant benefits for SEO promotion (search engines prefer exclusive sites).

Top DMA makes the design better so that you can sell more!

Professional website prototype designing is the first step to developing your business, no matter what you do. Therefore, it is worth ordering website prototype designing from the Top DMA agency because our specialists know the specifics of web development and have comprehensive skills. With many years of practical experience, they can create a project that brings profit from the first days of its launch.

To develop a unique, modern, user-friendly website design, our agency's web designers use the latest technologies and programs through which they implement fresh business ideas that ultimately create an exclusive image of your company.

Entrusting the design development to a highly qualified Top DMA marketing company, you will get an original website that will form positive impressions about the company among users and motivate them to purchase goods or order services from you.

When developing the prototype, our specialists focus on the following key factors:

  • a comprehensive analysis of information (the base is a clear understanding of the needs of potential customers);
  • the aesthetics of the front-end part (focus on the main advantages of a business);
  • a thorough study of the usability and structure of the website (designing the most efficient and convenient location of the main information blocks for visitors);
  • constant, close interaction between the customer and the prototype developer.

As a result, your future online resource will attract more potential loyal consumers and reveal the details of your cooperation with your company at the first acquaintance with the website.

What we offer:

  • custom solutions to create high-quality and original services that will be of interest to your target audience;
  • an adaptive design that works on mobile devices and tablets;
  • branded corporate style;
  • a wide choice of personal design solutions (we develop several of the most optimal options for the graphic content of the site);
  • usage of current trends in web design;
  • we treat our orders responsibly and carry out the work in optimal terms and within a clearly outlined period;
  • payment for performed work at the end of each notice period;
  • high quality;
  • certified, experienced, and talented web designers;
  • instant response to customer requests, questions, and further comments;
  • we provide an opportunity to track the process with regular reporting and an up-to-date calendar plan;
  • a comprehensive range of services for the development, implementation, and support of web projects of various levels of complexity;
  • we implement creative ideas into reality and create an effective sales tool that will be effective even in the most competitive industries.

How we do website prototype designing

The creation of a high-quality prototype goes through certain well-planned stages, namely:

  • clarifying the goals and objectives of the business project;
  • thinking over the concept, determining the type of layout depending on the specifics of the business, the wishes of the customer, and the characteristic of the target audience of the website;
  • studying and analyzing competitors' websites, building a marketing concept;
  • designing the structural components of the prototype, choosing the best combination of all the main UI components of the website;
  • selecting a color scheme and determining the style of the future web resource;
  • developing templates for main pages, catalogs of services, products, price lists, and other information components;
  • development of page prototypes for different screen resolutions;
  • presentations of preliminary interactive layouts to the customer;
  • coordination of the layout design with the client (making the necessary adjustments and improvements according to the comments of the client and final approval);
  • sending the web project prototype to the client.

Cost and period of implementation of services for the development of a design prototype of a commercial online platform

The price of the website prototype development is determined solely depending on the type of website, customer requirements, project characteristics, amount of services, and time spent.

Taking into account the acquired practical experience in this area of our web designers, we usually complete an order within 10-12 days (depending on the degree of complexity and individual characteristics of the web project).

Do you want to order an exclusive website design or redesign your existing site? Call us to get a free consultation.

Order a high-quality, professionally designed prototype of a web resource and services that will contribute to its transformation into an effective business tool.

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