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In 2018, Google launched the Google Shopping service for Ukraine, where business owners can place an ad about their company's products. According to research, 90% of consumers interested in buying certain products visit the company's website after seeing relevant ads. And 83% of them purchase the product if the cost and terms of cooperation are acceptable.

Therefore, many entrepreneurs are interested in launching Google Ads. And in this article, we will explain what such ads look like, their advantages, and which business niches should order this service from the Top DMA digital company.

What do Google product ads look like, and what is their principle of operation?

Google Shopping is a large-scale business platform. It is a place where advertisers can post ads about their products. When a potential buyer types a relevant query, he sees small product cards with text and a photo on the results page. They differ from the usual PPC ads in a more informative appearance and attractiveness for the client. The consumer immediately sees the name of the seller's company, a photo of the product, its price, and even reviews.

Ads are placed at the top of the page, right below the search bar. That is, above all other search results on the search results page. By the way, they are placed over contextual advertising, providing better conversion results. And also in the right corner at the top of the page, contributing to better visibility from potential buyers.

So, how do product ads work? A consumer enters a search query, for example, “buy sandals in Kyiv,” and in addition to the expected results, he sees ads with photos of products. By clicking on such an ad, a person is transferred to the site's landing page, where he can read more about the product and order it.

The main advantages of product ads

So, if you set up Google product advertising, you will get the following benefits from this service:

  • The presence of a visual element, namely a photo, makes the offer more noticeable and attractive to the audience.
  • Such ads have a higher conversion rate, so the price of the service will pay for itself, but with proper setting up.
  • More information for the consumer (the name of the product and store, cost, availability of reviews) allows you to make a decision faster.
  • It is possible to sort products by price.
  • Priority location. Such ads are more visible and attract the attention of potential buyers.

This way, you will get a powerful tool to increase profits and awareness of your company. The whole secret of success lies in the correct setting, optimization of the ad so that it is relevant, as well as tracking performance indicators. Otherwise, you may just waste your budget without receiving the desired conversion.

Where can I order the setting up of product ads?

Our agency is ready to provide you with this service. We will analyze the product and launch an effective advertising campaign for the business. So, what is included in our services:

  • Creation and setting up Google Merchant.
  • Development of technical requirements and a product feed.
  • Configuration of the landing page where the product ad will lead. There should be no technical bugs in it, and the information should be relevant.
  • Confirmation of the link to the landing page of the site.
  • Setting up the linking of your advertising account with Google Ads.
  • Creating an advertising campaign and tracking its effectiveness.

Our company will take over the complete supervision and support of the campaign. We will provide full reporting on the results and the budget spent. In this way, we are able to ensure maximum transparency and honesty in business.

Also, our team can work on setting up social media targeting and SEO promotion for your site.

Do you have more questions? Our manager will answer them and advise on your project. We are waiting for your requests today!

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