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In business, the company that always wins is the one that strives to take a position “ahead of the curve,” introduces technological innovations into its practice, builds a policy of conquering new markets, and a strategy of bypassing competitors. And if we are talking about online commerce, the primary task is to increase traffic. The greater the traffic growth, the greater the return on invested capital. Thus, the internal optimization of the online store is the foundation for further SEO promotion of the site in search engines.

The promotion of e-commerce differs from the promotion of other sites by the complexity of the structure and the presence of a group of filters. Accordingly, it is necessary to implement a large number of technical and content improvements directly related to the structure of the site, and optimization of filters and categories. You will also need to work out metadata and product cards, set up links, and increase conversion due to UX optimization of the site.

Top DMA Company – website promotion expert

Let your customers find you! Order SEO promotion of your online store from an agency specializing in SEO promotion – Top DMA. Highly qualified agency employees effectively work with the specifics of commercial requests, know the techniques of effective external promotion, and use crowd marketing tools and promotion with the help of reviews. They know how to optimize the project correctly without losing the results they have gained earlier.

Top DMA specialists also use such an integrated approach to work, combining SEO, contextual advertising (PPC), targeted advertising, web analytics tools, and UX/UI analysis. The team always focuses on the business goals of the project and builds only the most effective strategies for promoting the e-commerce store. Thanks to competent promotion, the Internet resource will become an independent channel for the distribution of products on the Internet.

Why should the promotion of an online store be entrusted to the Top DMA agency?

Our advantages:

  • compliance with the agreements prescribed in the project TOR;
  • quality assurance;
  • excellent service;
  • creative team;
  • affordable price;
  • we provide detailed reports on the growth of positions and traffic at the end of each reporting period;
  • we sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

The cost of online store promotion

The cost of the complex of work on SEO promotion of an online store is individual for each Internet resource. This is due to the specifics of the promotion of each specific project, as well as with different competitiveness of promoted search queries in each individual topic of search demand.

Contact us in any convenient way, and we will, in the shortest possible time, provide you with a commercial offer for the cost of promoting your online store.

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