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Implementing a CRM system is a simple but effective tool for internal business optimization and its successful development.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a practical, cost-effective tool designed to optimize internal business processes in the company, automate sales procedures and standardize relationship management with potential and existing customers to create the conditions for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. It also works as a business planning mechanism that places the client at the center of its system.

In the conditions of modern business management, the economic efficiency of automation of work mechanisms is proven. Many successful companies, which want to speed up their development, order a range of CRM system installation services. The reason is that good CRM helps to increase the competitiveness of the company and its products in the market and, as a result, scales the business. Undoubtedly, the success of the company's subsequent activities ultimately depends on how professionally the CRM system is implemented.

Key opportunities and specific benefits of implementing a CRM system in business processes

A professional CRM installation contributes to achieving maximum efficiency and productivity due to:

  • full automation of the sales mechanism and other processes of working with potential and existing customers;
  • integration of the sales process with significant business channels, for example, with a website;
  • preservation and systematization of customer contact information, structuring information about suppliers in a single, centralized database;
  • ensuring uninterrupted service to an actively engaged audience;
  • preservation of the entire history of interaction between buyers and the company;
  • offer a client the necessary services or goods at the moment of demand;
  • optimization of internal processes in a business company;
  • reducing operating costs;
  • analysis and coordination of the work of the company's employees;
  • managing specific business processes and teams;
  • fast feedback that will increase the speed of customer acquisition;
  • enhancing the productivity of analytical tools;
  • automation of office paperwork within a company;
  • establishing a shared workspace for most employees (CRM provides extensive opportunities, including the possibility of introducing private conferences or chats);
  • formation of secure storage for documents that anyone within the company can use;
  • conducting thorough, detailed analytics and detailed statistics;
  • optimization and standardization of company management.

The procedure of implementing the CRM system by Top DMA

For the CRM system to function productively and bring positive results, the specialists of Top DMA will go through certain stages, taking into account the customer's needs, necessary features, and appropriate settings.

The main stages of the implementation of the CRM system by Top DMA:

  • preparatory stage — preparation for introduction (outlining of strategic and tactical goals to be achieved through the use of CRM, clarification of user needs);
  • obtaining and analyzing the necessary information (defining the characteristic features of your company's business processes, compiling a list of functions that need to be implemented in this project, if necessary – upgrading the package);
  • writing technical requirements (presentation of all the requirements for the CRM system in the project document, listing the complete set of relevant functions, identifying additional solutions that are important to integrate);
  • the choice of an affordable and easy-to-administrate CRM system that meets the needs of the company;
  • working on the mechanism for implementing the CRM technical requirements (development of a technical plan for integrating the company's business processes into the system, automation of all moments of interaction with a potential client);
  • system setup, integration with additional third-party services (adding a chain of cooperation, building a sales process, creating an automation plan, formation of accounting documentation, distributing access rights, making adjustments to the interface, importing the database of regular customers and previously conducted transactions into the CRM system);
  • testing CRM settings;
  • training of employees and complete installation of the CRM system;
  • analysis of the first weeks of work with the CRM system (sales analysis, monitoring of the current state of processes and workload of all departments);
  • conducting a survey of employees (clarification of the list of current business processes that it is desirable to improve or fully automate).

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Order a turnkey installation of a CRM system from Top DMA!

If you need to install and configure CRM professionally, it is advisable to contact the Top DMA agency, which specializes in installing a CRM system. Our team members will choose the best CRM solutions for your company to solve its business tasks efficiently. Our experts will assist you with developing, integrating, and comprehensively supporting corporate websites, CRM systems, and large-scale Internet projects.

What is the cost of the Customer Relationship Management installation service?

The cost of installation and further maintenance of a CRM system is calculated depending on a variety of components, for example:

  1. Prices for the tariff plan of the software itself and possible payments for the additional functionality of the system.
  2. Internal costs of our agency, for example, to pay the salaries of the company's employees who will be involved in the installation and further maintenance of the CRM system.

I want to implement a CRM system!

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