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Online retail or an online store — is one of the ways to sell your goods online. In fact, it is the same store, but only without a physical address. The buyer visits the website, looks through the catalog, selects the product, and places an order through a virtual shopping cart. The process is as simple as possible and does not take the client too much time to get to the offline store.

Moreover, nowadays, mobile traffic exceeds desktop traffic. Consumers most often use their smartphones to surf social networks and news and make purchases. Therefore, it is worth considering traffic types and peculiarities if you want to shift your business from offline to online. But what else should the owner pay attention to? In this article, we will tell you more.

The main trends in online retail

So, let's take a look at how to make sure that your online store brings profit and can compete with others:

  • Develop social networks. These platforms are not used solely for communication purposes. Now people are used to shopping on Instagram or Facebook. For example, you can create and run a full-fledged store on Instagram, or you can use an account as an additional traffic source for the main online store, which is located on a separate site. In any case, these marketing channels need to be maintained and developed in order to attract customers and improve the reputation of your company.
  • Automation. The more automated options your online store has, the more convenient it is for consumers. And as a result, the interest in your project is higher. Digitalization also reduces the workload on staff, and consequently leads to an increase in orders that have been processed.
  • Rich content. If you fill your website with rich content, that means that you are working hard to create a high-quality and attractive e-store. It can be 360-degree photos, video reviews, augmented reality, a virtual fitting room, etc. With the help of these features, you can attract consumers and distinguish your online shop from competitors.
  • Mobile friendly. We have already mentioned that a large percentage of traffic comes from smartphones nowadays. And if your site is inconvenient for mobile users, then you will lose the major share of customers. So, it is necessary to test the mobile version and ensure it works without bugs.

If your company is not represented online, then we have bad news: your competitors are already one step ahead! Therefore, the faster you start to promote social networks and optimize the site, the more customers will learn about the products and will be able to buy them.

However, shifting from offline to online is not suitable for everyone. Exceptions are small grocery or industrial stores. In other cases, you should present your business online.

How to develop an online store?

So, you have decided that going online is vital for your business. Where to start? From creating a website and social media accounts. Our company Top DMA offers you the services of developing high-quality projects in e-commerce. In our portfolio you will find an example of newly created, launche, and promoted sites. We offer SMM promotion services that will help you to attract new clients and increase the reputation of the company.

First of all, we brief our clients. It is necessary to understand what goals and tasks will be set for the team. Then we evaluate the scope of work and estimate the cost of the project. By the way, it does not change throughout the entire contact. Our company operates on fair and transparent terms, so the risks of cooperation are excluded.

With our help, you will get a website completely ready for optimization. Then you can perform search engine optimization and work on the promotion of your social networks to get more orders. Top DMA also offers services for setting up and running targeted and contextual advertising. During the entire cooperation, the client receives detailed step-by-step reporting on all types of work.

If you have any questions, our manager is ready to answer all of them. Our current contacts are listed on the website. We are waiting for your requests today!

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